Facials & Skin Care

Services include facials, enzyme peels, acne treatments, face and body waxing, and consultations for men and women.

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Swedish Massage, combined with relaxation techniques, relieves muscle tension, reduces stress, and promotes circulation and joint flexibility. This massage is ideal for clients that have never received a massage before or would prefer a light to moderate touch.

60min/$70 90min/$100

Myofascial and Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage uses a combination of techniques including trigger point therapy and Myofascial release to help release chronic patterns of tension in the body. This massage is intended for physically active people. There may be some discomfort for a couple days after the massage and a remedy of soaking in bath salts and rest will help.

60min/$80 90min/$115


Pre-natal Massage is a side-lying massage that focuses on the needs of the mother-to-be to relieve the physical and emotional discomforts associated with pregnancy such as headaches, sinus congestion, backache, leg cramps, sciatica, insomnia and fatigue. Physician release is required for all stages in pregnancy.

60min/$75 90min/$110

Hot Stone

Hot Stone Massage uses warm basalt stones to work deep into muscle fibers without deep pressure to relieve stiffness and soreness in muscles and provide deep relaxation. This massage is also ideal for clients with Fibromyalgia.

60min/$90 90min/$125

Serenity Stretch

Serenity Stretch Massage is designed for athletes. This passive form of stretching and compression incorporates PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) to supplement daily stretching. It helps increase flexibility, range of motion, reduces fatigue and the chances of injury in athletes. This is a clothed service.


Table Thai

Table Thai is the traditional massage of Thailand combined with Swedish massage. Using Yoga like poses combined with gentle pressure along the meridian lines, this massage stimulates the movement of energy in the body and releases muscular and joint tension. This is a clothed service.



Reflexology works specific pressure points on the feet to re-establish the flow of energy throughout the body and stimulate the healthy functioning of internal organs. For an enhanced experience, Reflexology can be combined with any other massage service.


Paraffin Wax

Paraffin therapy reduces muscle pain and stiffness around joints while moisturizing the skin and increasing circulation. Not recommended for clients with hypertension, diabetes, and varicose veins. Hygienically safe.

Hands or Feet $7 Combo $12

Nail Services

Choose your treatment from our menu of manicure and pedicure services. We now offer Shellac 14 day polish.

Mani $20+ Pedi $25+

Bridal Parties and Events

Serenity Place has several packages available that will fit any budget with options for offsite services to private studio rentals. Email us at to request a customized package just for you.

Corporate Events

Serenity Place will provide you with a team of professional massage therapists to do table or chair massage for your event. One week notice is normally required. 3 hour minimum, packages starting at $275. Email us for more information.

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Massage helps your body to replenish nutrients and increase the amount of oxygen received by your cells, which makes cells more effiecient in the removal of toxins from the body.